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About us

The Nonbelief Coalition is a project of the Voters Without Religion Association. The president of the Association wrote a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada raising the issue that the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that the state cannot favour religious belief over non-belief.

The Nonbelief Coalition was conceived because of this letter. The letter is posted at member

The court ruling can be viewed here.

The concept of this coalition is to have the non-belief community speak in unison in achieving their aims. We are seeking an equal and fair position in the eyes of the law and government as has the religious sector.

The non-belief community is comprised of many diverse groups and individuals. This includes humanists, secularists, atheists, free-thinkers, and other non-religious individuals and associations.

The idea is to have these people demand equal opportunity of status within the law to promote their ideals and prosper with equal privileges including tax exemptions.