Law Scales

   Nonbelief Coalition

There are many ways in which you can participate ...

We are looking for the voice of non-believers to be heard by governments of all levels. So, please object to the proper authorities, when you are subjected to religious conformity, unwittingly. For example, you can object to having to place your hand on a holy book while taking oath. Or, you can refuse to stand up for a national anthem if the lyrics mention a god; or if you are subjected to payer at a municipal meeting. These are only a few samples where religious practices have infiltrated the law and should be discontinued.

If you discover favouritism towards religious institutions within the law, or anywhere in your life, then speak out about it.

If you are at a funeral and you know the deceased was an atheist, then make sure everyone knows. All these little efforts add up to a stronger voice for the non-belief movement.

If the news media praises the faith community, make sure the reporter understands the advantages the faith community has over the non-belief groups—ask them to report on that.

We are currently complaining about the unfairness of church property tax exemptions to municipal governments, so, feel free to write a letter to your local representative demanding that you be compensated for having to pay for church sidewalks, lampstands, water and sewer infrastructure, etc.

Send us an email stating that you support us in our efforts. We currently are not issuing membership recognition other than a mention of you or your group on a webpage (if requested).

If you take action of any kind to complain about religion, then please send us an email.

Tell others about us, and, of course, you may always donate.